Krystal has been actively pursuing political office and collecting petition signatures for Legal Marijuana Now since 2015.

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Governor Candidate Rallies Support For Industrial Hemp (with video and audio)

Krystal campaigning in front of the Otoe County Courthouse in Nebraska City     Krystal being interviewed in NCN studio

9 September 2017, NEBRASKA CITY (NCN) – Krystal Gabel campaigned for the Republican nomination for governor in Nebraska City Friday, where Legal Marijuana Now collected over 100 signatures to help establish itself as a recognized political party in the state.

Gabel, a professional writer who has previously run as an Independent for school board, city council and utilities district in Omaha, said she promotes industrial hemp for biomass fuels, new Nebraska-grown products and technology jobs. Read more…

“When I talk about hemp, I’m not just talking about hemp in our farm fields. I’m talking about us, as a workforce in this state, being able to produce products grown here, made here, sold here, so the money stays here.”

“[Ricketts is] against industrial hemp. He thinks hemp, marijuana, is what will ruin this country. What we are seeing elsewhere, where hemp is being grown is that they are actually prospering. And they are prospering because people are demanding options besides synthetic plastics, fossil fuels. [Nebraskans] are demanding sustainable green energy and a green future for Nebraska.”

“When the Republican Party has already said it supports the incumbent. That really isn’t leaving the primary Republican bid up to the voters of Nebraska. So, they need a second candidate in that primary in order for it to be a just election.”

Omaha writer says Nebraskans need options in governor’s race (with videos)

NTV interview with Sara Kirkley
28 August 2017, GRAND ISLAND (Nebraska.TV) — Omaha writer Krystal Gabel is taking on Governor Pete Ricketts in the gubernatorial primary.

Gabel hopes to bring industrial hemp into Nebraska as a new tax source to help combat high property taxes. She also sees cannabis as a potential solution to the rising cost of health care. Gabel says medical marijuana could lessen Nebraska’s dependence on prescription drugs.

Gabel says prison reform could start at the county level by keeping non-violent pot offenders out of jail. She said by regulating medical marijuana and hemp the state could get additional revenue to rehabilitate inmates in prisons. Read more…

“I’m putting myself out there as a young person, as a woman, as someone who is a forward thinking person in this state just to bring some different options to the citizens who live here in Nebraska.”

Marijuana activist running for governor

Gabel announces run in Republican Primary
22 July 2017, McCOOK (McCook Gazette) — Saturday, Krystal Gabel announced she will challenge Governor Pete Ricketts for the Republican bid in the 2018 Nebraska Republican Primary.

In November 2016, Gabel advanced to the General Election for Metropolitan Utilities District (MUD), a race that spans three counties in the Omaha Metro area. She received approximately 86,000 votes and missed election by 1 percent of the vote.

Most recently in the April 2017 Omaha City Primary, Gabel ran against the incumbent and six other candidates for the District 2 City Council seat. She missed moving to the General Election by 143 votes. Read more…

Legalize Marijuana Now advocates petition to get pro-marijuana third-party on the ballot
12 May 2017, SCOTTSBLUFF (Scottsbluff Star Herald) — Advocates for a “greener” third-party were in Scottsbluff Thursday and Friday, collecting signatures to get the Legal Marijuana Now party on the ballot in Nebraska. Read more…
“Nebraska is really difficult to get a ballot initiative, like a constitutional amendment or referendum, on the ballot. You collect signatures, and they deny access. We think there’s another way around it — it’s getting candidates on the ballot and bringing out voters to vote for third-party,” Gabel said.


20 April 2017, OMAHA (FOX42KPTM) — Co-activists Mark Elworth Jr. and Krystal Gabel sponsored the 2018 420 Rally in Omaha, NE, where they gathered around 200 signatures for the political party petition, Legal Marijuana Now. Read more…

“We’re out here because we have a state that refuses to regulate medical marijuana for patients, and we think that’s wrong,” said Krystal Gabel.

Group fights to legalize marijuana with new petitioning office


14 Nov 2016, OMAHA (FOX42KPTM) — You’ll get to vote on whether to make marijuana legal in Nebraska two years from now, that’s if one group has its way. It has now opened an office in Omaha that it will use to try to convince you, but at least one state lawmaker says that’s going to be an uphill fight. Read more…

Krystal Gabel said, “We can make this happen and it’s a really exciting feeling for Nebraska…. Let us live with the freedom like alcohol users have, that tobacco users have…it just touches my heart how many people could use it medically. They are being forced on prescription drugs.”

Local group attempting to legalize marijuana by forming new political party

13 March 2016, OMAHA (KETV7) — A different political tactic is being taken by local marijuana supporters. Rather than mount a challenging petition drive to put the issue in front of voters, they’re attempting to form a new political party. Read more…

“It’s really another option to the two-party system,” Krystal Gabel said. “We are collaborating with… Minnesota and Iowa. We aren’t just here in Nebraska. Having people in office who support hemp legalization in addition to marijuana legalization, that means jobs and industry in Nebraska,” Gabel said. “Let’s make our products here. Let’s bring jobs to north Omaha and south Omaha.”